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About | Society of Automotive Engineers

“All those cars were once just a dream in somebody’s head.”
SAE Collegiate club is a platform where students sharing a vehement passion for automobiles sciences involve themselves in various projects. It is a platform for students to complement the theoretical knowledge imparted in the classroom, with emphasis on the practical aspects of engineering. We work together as a strong team not only on amassing knowledge but also gaining experience in the technical field of design and manufacturing.


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  • Highlights

    Introductory Workshops

    A series of basic workshops, introducing the fundamentals of automobile engineering, coupled with practical demonstrations to enhance the interest and learning experience.


    Build your own boat model running on propulsion methods. It is followed by a case study of the propulsion mechanisms used.

    Advanced Workshops

    After the fundamentals, comes the opportunity to enhance your knowledge with this series. Sophomores get to learn vehicle dynamics and modelling with senior members of the club.


    SAE provides a unique opportunity to get some hands in designing and analysis. The courses mainly aims of 3D CAD modelling and assembly of parts, 2D detailing models, sheet metal and mechanical drawing creation and much more advanced and basic concepts of designing. Further courses cover ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS structural.

    Informal Sessions and Quizzes

    Informal sessions of IC RC car are organised to get the thrill of driving customised IC RC car. Students get a chance of getting an experience of driving an IC RC car. After all the learning session, quizzes are organised at regular intervals.