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About | Robotics Club

“We are fascinated by robots because they’re reflections of ourselves.”
If automation and robots fascinate you, you’ve landed in the right place. The Robotics club is inclined to strengthen the essence of real tech in the institute. We promote robotics not only as a hobby but also as a career option for all the tech-enthusiasts out there, by hands-on-experience and guidance. It is a club to unleash your curiosity, fuel your passion and make ideas come alive.


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  • Basics of Robotics || 26th August, 2019
  • Robot Operating System Workshop || 2nd September, 2019
  • Autonomous Navigation || 14th October, 2019
  • Highlights

    Practical Sessions

    A two-day long practical experience of working with embedded systems and sensors. The activity provides both the theoretical and implementation aspects of the technologies discussed.

    Computer Vision

    It is an interdisciplinary scientific field that focuses on gaining high level understanding from digital images and videos. It includes working on image processing and neural networks. It seeks to automate tasks that human visual system can do. It can be used for automatic inspection, assisting humans for identification tasks, etc. A workshop introducing the concepts of computer visions and algorithms followed by a hands-on activity. The activity ensures simultaneous learning and implementation.


    It includes a combination of Robotics, electronics, computer, hardware etc. We work on sensors, PCB designing, 3D printing and stimulations. It is used vastly in microelectronics and manufacturing systems and is also used to build robots that requires much hardware design.


    It includes to program a system and let it work on it's own i.e. to use a computer for it's manipulation and processing. We focus on communication protocols, micro controllers, algorithms etc. It's vastly used in almost every aspect and is a fast emerging field.


    An offline hackathon to inculcate a culture of real-life problem solving; in which participants bring out innovations using the knowledge acquired from previous activities.