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“Talk is cheap. Show me the Code.”
For all you programming and computer science enthusiasts out there, this is the place to be! Club of Programmers aims to foster the interest of students across all branches in the field of programming and computer science in general, with various competitions and real-life projects. We are an enthusiastic community of coders who learn and grow together to change the world around us. You know the drill - eat, sleep, code, repeat.


  • Dev Extravaganza || 1st- 2nd November, 2019
  • Linux Installation Fest || 10th September, 2019
  • Highlights

    Introductory Workshops

    A series of introductory workshops are held in the fields of competitive programming, machine learning and development, providing an insight into these fields.

    Data Science

    The concept of data sciences is introduced and essential fundamentals like analyzing and interpreting data, fundamentals of predictive modelling are covered in the workshop.

    Quantitative Finance

    This workshop provides a brief introduction to investment strategies across a variety of asset classes and global market i.e how to predict stock prices, buy or sell them according to past data by making alphas in quant. The workshop also introduces WorldQuant.

    Crack GSOC Interactions

    Interaction sessions are held with GSOCers where important points related to how to crack GSOC are discussed. It includes discussions on possible organizations and how to effectively approach and communicate with them.