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About | Business Club

“Work until your bank account looks like a phone number.”
We are a group of like-minded individuals who see the world with a different lens, striving to master the ability to create wealth out of thin air. The Business Club is a platform to test, train, and transform yourself into the business giant you could be. The club is all about ideas. Ideas which the people want so much that they’ll pay you for it, and how to develop an idea into a real-world entity.


  • Introductory Workshop || 21st August, 2019
  • Highlights

    Due Diligence (DD)

    A series of workshops and case sessions on understanding the fundamentals of solving business cases.


    Get the taste of economics and finance under this series of workshops which cover the topics from money-making to the Great Depression.



    Want to quantify your intuition? Learn about the process of generating insights from data.


    A series of guest lectures and business talks from eminent personalities to enrich you with the latest updates.

    BASH (Business Associates’ Special hour)

    The annual flagship event of the Business Club IIT (BHU), which includes a series of events to thoroughly assess your skills.