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“I’ve loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” United by our love for the cosmos, Astronomy Club IIT (BHU), aims to bring out the fervour for astronomy in each individual. From the tiniest subatomic and theorized particles to the massive superclusters, we have got you all the 62 orders of magnitude covered. Come, explore with us the secrets of the winsome and ravishing night sky.#AndheraKayamRahe


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    Build your own Telescopes and in the annual telescope fabrication activity which brushes the basics of optics and provides exposure to Idea Development and Carpentry workshop.

    Telescope Training Sessions

    Dedicated to the practice of assembling and handling of telescopes with expertise and safety, simultaneously imparting sky mapping skills. These sessions are held regularly to build up competence for participating in various events and marathons.

    Yuri’s Night

    It begins with a guest lecture delivered by a designated professor in the field of astronomy. Following this is a ‘Star Party’ consisting of a movie screening of the students choice and an observation session in parallel.