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About | Aero-Modelling Club

“For most people, the sky is the limit. For us, the sky is our home.”
The Aero-modelling Club at IIT BHU, Varanasi since its inception has expanded exponentially with the introduction of innovative technologies, be it the IC engine planes, the autonomous drones or other awesome flying models. We fabricate, fix, and fly to satiate our passion. Our phenomenal stunts will readily capture your attention towards our hobby of aeromodelling - to fabricate a splendid flying machine of your own and soar high in the sky.


  • Introduction to Aerodynamics and Rocket-Design || 12th August, 2019
  • Airfoil modelling and simulation on ANSYS Fluent || 8th September, 2019
  • RC plane Design || 15th September, 2019
  • Highlights

    Water Rocket Pro

    Newton’s third law was never so interesting before. An event preceded by a workshop, to start your high throttle journey and let the water push your own fabricated and designed rocket to breach the sky-hall.


    A series of workshops which introduces a newbie to the science of flight and teaches the nitty-gritty of fabricating an RC plane from scratch. It is followed by an event to test your concepts and design of the RC Plane.


    A quadcopter is the apple of any aeromodeller's eyes. A set of workshops introduces the neophytes to the vast field of quadcopter drones, their wide applications, basic design, construction and flying.

    Flight Controllers

    Ever wondered about the unmistakable stability and great manoeuvrability of multi-rotors like like quadcopters or hexacopters? These are the go-to workshops! Learn about various flight controllers, their built-in sensors, processes involved in the execution of a signal and how to configure them.


    These workshops on hovercrafts- an amphibious vehicle which has gone obscure in the present ages- aim at providing an opportunity to experiment with the all-terrain craft and revive it in the modern engineering. It covers the working of an ACV(Air Cushion Vehicle) and other rudiments.